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     Estelle was born in France to a French father and a Vietnamese mother. At the age of 12, a DVD of a Celine Dion live show changed her life. She quickly started imitating her, becoming more and more drawn to performing and singing. Unfortunately, life events made her doubt her skills and herself to the point she started denying her dream of a music career.


     At 20, she moved to London in the hope of finding herself back, but it's only at 25 that Estelle entered BIMM London. In 2020, she released her first single 'Haunted Castle', portraying herself as a vulnerable princess; followed by 'Lucifer' in 2021 with a more mature outtake.

     Growing up singing and listening to Pop mainly, Estelle took lots of Pop Rock and Rock influences throughout the past few years at BIMM, and therefore appears to be a Rock front woman on stage now. Her main influences in this genre are Dorothy, Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Demi Lovato & Miley Cyrus. She definitely wants to follow this path from now on and aspires to link her battle through mental health with her Pop Rock music, in the hope of helping her audience.

"Estelle was extremely professional to work with during the show."

-  Underground Sound London


     Throughout her life and mainly during her studies at BIMM, Estelle realized her way of defeating stage fright was to create a Rock alter ego, which she named 'Zelda Jeane'. Zelda is in reference to her favourite character and video game, 'The Legend of Zelda', and Jeane as a tribute to one of her role models, Marilyn Monroe (birthed 'Norma Jeane'), whom Estelle found lots of similarities with. 

     Through Zelda Jeane, Estelle also managed to face her 'inner demons' as she calls them. Indeed, Estelle struggled with many setbacks and mental health issues throughout her life, and creating an alter ego was a way to put 'Estelle' on the side, while 'Zelda' would perform for her. 

     On May 2nd 2022, Estelle and her band performed at The Half Moon in Putney (London, United Kingdom). That's the day she realized her alter ego Zelda Jeane was born. On that day, she felt more confident than ever. 


     In her everyday life, Estelle is quite open about her mental health journey, and by telling her story on social media, she hopes to help people overcome their own battles. Creating Zelda Jeane's persona and sharing her story with her audience is a way of showing vulnerability and transparency, to destigmatize mental health issues. 

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